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Hotel Palmas del Sol

The Hotel Palmas del Sol has a privileged location in the city of Asunción, capital of Paraguay. Only 5 minutes walking are between the hotel and the historical monuments in the center of the city and its business area; and in 5 minutes by car you will be in the Costanera Beach, in the Asunción Bay.

Historic center

A little walk will take you from the hotel facilities to the center of the city, where you will find important buildings such as the Palacio de los López, headquarters of the Government of the Republic of Paraguay, or the Casa de la Independencia Museum, that will take you back to the era when the Paraguayan people raised against the Spanish rulers to get their independence.

Another must is visiting the National Pantheon of the Heroes that honors the fallen for Paraguay, like its first president Carlos Antonio López.

The Costanera

Wide river promenade, similar to the seafront in the coastal cities. The perfect time to walk along this riverside is at evening, when you can enjoy the amazing sunset. In addition, there are bars and restaurants to taste local gastronomy and tereré, a national drink based on tea and which is served cold.

Ypacaraí Lake

Is one of the most important natural resources of the country, with wetlands of an enormous ecologic value. The name means blessed lake and answers to the legend that tells the anger of the Gods flooded the area, so an evangelizer apostle invoked God and blessed the water to protect those who lived around.

Nowadays, the vicinity of the lake has suffered a great urbanistic development and it is considered one of the best places to enjoy the outdoor in the country.